Rudall & Rose, Pratten or Standard model in D or Eb: all flutes come with tuning slide and mountings (and optional keys) in silver plated brass. Keys are normally block-mounted and instruments are available with up to 6 keys, except for the Pratten model, which comes with up to 8 pillar-mounted keys. African blackwood is standard. Keys for left handed instruments come at an extra cost.

Keyless model in D or Eb € 890
Per key added € 240
8 key model pratten € 3300
extra for boxwood € 80
extra for silver lined headjoint € 320

Superior Model Rudall & Rose, Standard or Pratten in 50 year old Cocus-wood, tubing of head joint in full sterling silver and screw-cork adjuster. 8 key model with pewter plugs.

6 key model € 3480
8 key model € 4460

Flutes in other tonalities. Piccolos come without tuning slide, all the others come standard with tuning slide.

Alto flute in C € 970
Alto Flute in Bb € 1035
Third flute in F or G € 710
Piccolo in G, Eb or D € 360
Instrument case € 65


Bagpipes in different models, mouth-blown or with bellows on demand. Mountings are standard in synthetic ivory and silver plated brass. Plain or marbled horn and full sterling silver are available at request.

Pastoral model with three drones in African blackwood. Bellows not included.

Model in D € 2995
Model in C € 3100
Model in F € 2785
Per key added € 240

G and A pipes in "French" or "Flemish" style. Different types of wood are available. Special boîtier (carved or inlay) on demand.

Standard model with 2 drones:

In cormier or plum € 1840
In rosewood € 1945
In blackwood or boxwood € 2205
Simplified student model with one bass drone in cormier € 1315

D and C pipes design grande bourbonnaise, mouth blown, blackwood.

D and C pipes design grande bourbonnaise, mouth blown, blackwood € 2935
Extra for plain horn mountings € 160
Extra for marbled horn mountings € 265